Group Tuition

Online tuition in groups of 3. Learn with friends. Convenient, effective and affordable maths and English Tuition.

We offer online-only classes as this is convenient, effective and affordable.

Students can learn with friends with the same tutor every week.

Pay a monthly membership.

All classes are recorded so students can rewatch them for reference and clarity. 

Online Class

Learn with friends 

Learn with friends in groups of 3.

What's better than learning eith mates?!


Students can form a class with their friends. Alternatively, our team will form a group with children of a similar ability.

Same tutor every week

Gain consistent support

Having the same tutor throughout for each class means we can build a great relationships that ensures consistency, growth and development from day one. 

Regular schedule

Same day and time each week

Choose either a 1.5-hour class or a 2-hour class.


A 1.5-hour class is split into 2 x 30 minutes sections.


A 2-hour class is split into 2 x 45 minutes sections (recommended for GCSE Maths).


Classes have a 10-minute break between sections and a 10-minute interval for brain training.

Tutors touch base with parents at the end of each session. 

Digital Whiteboard

Using a virtual blackboard, Tutors can see your child's work in real-time, comment and help.

Digital Worksheets

Each student receives a workbook that is tailored to their needs so they, their parents and the tutor can keep track of progress.

Real-Time Feedback

Students receive feedback in real-time during the session.


At the end of each session, the tutor touches base with parents to keep them informed of their child's progress. Parents will also get a digital report of their child's progress.


Book a 15-minute introduction call to discuss your child's needs, find out more about our services and ask any questions. Or call us on 07838407768