Private Tuition

Dedicated one-to-one tuition on your terms. 


Private 1:1 tuition is even more targeted and tailored with more options to fit your child's specific needs.


This means they can work on the toughest subjects with bespoke help from their tutor.


Private tuition is particularly helpful during the lead up to exams and big assignments. Our tutors are pros at helping with exam revision, preparation and coaching. Book a consultation to find out more or give us a call to speak to someone today.

Online Tutorial

Excellent tutors for a range of budgets

We interview each tutor personally and are confident you will love them as much as we do.


Each tutor sets their own prices based on their experience, most tutors charge between £20-£28/hr. Here’s roughly what you can expect at each price point:

£20 - £25

New to Lively Tuition or a newly qualified teacher

£25 - £32

Experienced tutor with lots of teaching experience​

£33 - £40

Our most experienced tutors with more than a decade of teaching experience. ​

Dedicated Feedback

Receive dedicated feedback in real-time during the session.


At the end of each session, the tutor touches base with parents to keep them informed of their child's progress. Parents will also get a digital report of their child's progress.

Digital Whiteboard

Using a virtual blackboard, Tutors can see your child's work in real-time, comment and help.

Digital Worksheets

Each student receives a workbook that is tailored to their needs so they, their parents and the tutor can keep track of progress.


Book a 15-minute introduction call to discuss your child's needs, find out more about our services and ask any questions. Or call us on 07838407768